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Clean Wedding Dresses & Happy Memories

24 October, 2022

Now that we are fully stocked with our exclusive vintage pearl preservation boxes, we have enjoyed re-untiing many brides with their specialist cleaned wedding dresses.

Our appointments this week have reminded us just how special it is when a Bride sees her clean wedding dress for the first time and how it can bring back so many happy memories and emotions - it truly makes our work so worthwhile! Team BB xx

A Week of Dirty Dresses!

4 February, 2022

The saying goes, when the boss is away the mice will play and in this instance whilst Nickie has taken some well deserved time off, we at Boxed Bridal have had a very busy week meeting a lot of new Brides and taking in their wedding dresses to be cleaned and preserved.

But some of the gowns are some of the dirtiest we have ever seen - the dirtier the dress, the better the wedding - but to all future brides, remember this is not a challenge! :) Check out our photos on Facebook! Team BB xx

Our Preservation Boxes have arrived!

28 January, 2022

After a much anticipated wait we are pleased to announce that our preservation boxes are now back in stock! It is a huge relief and it means that we can now re-unite many brides with their gorgeous gowns.

A selection of over 70 of our exclusive vintage pearl boxes were delivered in our Princess, Traditional and Classic sizes which means that the next few weeks are going to be packed with appointments and we cannot wait! Team BB xx

7 Vintage Wedding Dresses

21 January, 2022

This week were delighted to take in 7 vintage wedding dresses spanning from the 40's to the 80's! It is really a joy to see how the styles have evolved over the years and to see the different techniques that were applied in the creation of a wedding dress at that time.

All of the wedding dresses are of such a delicate nature and will require a lot of attention and respect throughout the entire cleaning process. Our pre-clean inspection is most important as this will highlight any weaknesses in the fabrics and contruction that may have happened over time. Take a look at our Facebook page for some photos! Team BB xx

Our Biggest Bridal Shop Order

14 January, 2022

This week has been all hands on deck as we fullfilled our biggest bridal shop order made up of 16 wedding dresses, all cleaned and carefully folded in our Vintage Pearl Preservation boxes for long term storage, PLUS a selection of beautiful sample gowns all cleaned now ready for sale.

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